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The VSG Story

Veteran Service Group LLC was all started when a Senior Care Manager and Spouse, who are both Veterans, saw how many of their fellow veterans were getting denied for services that they deserved.  They saw how many Veterans could not get adequate funding to help with their care.  Why, because the VA maze is difficult to navigate.  After numerous calls to VA they found that another Vet whom they served with was now in the Veteran Care System.  With this newfound information the husband and wife team were able to learn how the system works and to get in direct contact with each and every service a Veteran could use and or need.  


Veteran Service Group was designed with one purpose in mind:  HELP EVERY VETERAN and SPOUSES/SURVIVING SPOUSES receive the services they deserve without any hassle of VA or constant denials. 


With a passionate purpose and being contracted to help veterans, the desire to succeed with every request to VA for services is the greatest joy that could be obtained.


Veteran Service Group provides you the means to receive non-medical companion/homemaker services to Veterans Seniors their Spouses and Surviving Spouses.  We also help Veterans who are completely homebound and needed 24 hr care who have their spouses caring for them get paid to do much-needed services already rendered in their home.


Our experienced, compassionate and dependable Examiners provide Veterans with loving care and assistance to help make their lives easier and to retain their independence while providing their families with the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. All of the companies we used are carefully screened, bonded, and insured so you can trust you are getting the best possible assistance. 


We Attain services for Veterans who may reside at Home, Senior Living, and Assisted living facilities, and also works with Veteran assistance.  


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